Sixth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information

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Thursday May 15th

08.00–09.00: Registration and Breakfast

09.00–12.00: Panel on Information and Law

12.00–01.00: Undergrad Poster Session and Lunch

01.00–04.00: Panel on Information and Policy

04.00–04.30: Coffee break

04.30–05.15: Don Fallis (Arizona): Deceptive Lying and Access to Quality Information

05.15–06.00: Anthony Beavers (Evansville): Epistemic Information Reductionism and Its Impact on American Higher Education

06.30–10.00: Reception

Friday May 16th

08.00–09.00: Registration and breakfast

09.00–09.45: William Bauer (NCSU): Informing Powers: A New Analysis of Dispositions

09.45–10.30: Thomas Ferguson (CUNY‐Grad Center): A Paradox of Semantic Information

10.30–10.45: Coffee break

10.45–11.30: Hajo Greif (Technische Universität München): What is an Informational Environment?

11.30–12.15: Karina Vold (McGill): Shared Affordances: Ecological Information Pick‐up in Group Cognitive Actions

12.15–01.30: Lunch

01.30–02.15: Isaac Record (Toronto): Epistemically Responsible Information Providing on the Internet

02.15–03.00: Laura Seger (Indiana): Medicine’s Positive Embrace of Negative Results

03.00–03.15: Coffee break

03.15–04.00: Omar Mirza (St. Cloud State): Situation Theory, Information Flow, and Scientific Historiography

04.00–04.45: Joseph Bernal (EPCC): What does feminist epistemology have to do with computer science?